Business Models for the Digital Economy - 
an AMCIS Mini Track since 2000

AMCIS, the Americas’ Conference on Information Systems
is an annual conference of the Association for Information Systems (AIS)

The Mini Track Business Models for the Digital Economy
has been organized since AMCIS 2000

This mini track serves as a forum for the presentation and discussion of new and innovative approaches of business models beyond e-commerce for coping with the challenges of the digital economy. We consider an economy based on the digitization of information and the respective information and communication infrastructure as the digital economy. This new type of economy implies not only technological but also and especially structural and process-related challenges and potential. The way in which economic value is created will change fundamentally in the digital economy and thus transform the structure of economies and societies.

This evolution will radically alter processes and structures within and between industries leading to the digital economy. All of these developments characterize the emerging digital economy and cause new challenges businesses have to cope with. This clearly will have a major impact on how business models have to be designed. Therefore this mini track addresses all topics concerned with the analysis, design, development, implementation, and control of future business models for the creation of economic value in the digital economy from a communication, organizational, business, economic, and managerial perspective applying a theoretical, conceptual, or practical approach.

Mini Track Co-Chairs:

Hans-Dieter Zimmermann, FHS St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland (2000 - present)

Ian MacInnes, Syracuse University, USA (2004 - 2014)

Latest News:
Seven papers have been accepted for our mini track and will be presented at AMCIS 2017 in Boston