Business Models for the Digital Economy - an AMCIS Mini Track since 2000: Accepted Papers since 2000

All papers are published online with the AIS Electronic Library (AISeL): Online AMCIS Proceedings

AMCIS 2018 (New Orleans) (proceedings 2018)

Keertana V. Chidambaram, Nargis Pervin: Effect of Agglomeration in the Restaurant Industry

AMCIS 2017 (Boston) (proceedings 2017)

Sophea Chea, Margaret Meiling Luo: E-Services: An Experience Centric Perspective

AMCIS 2016 (San Diego) (proceedings 2016)

José Carlos Freitas Junior, Antonio Carlos Maçada, Rafael Brinkhues, Gustavo Montesdioca: Digital Capabilities as Driver to Digital Business Performance

AMCIS 2015 (Puerto Rico) (proceedings 2015)

Benedikt Berger, Thomas Hess: The Convergence of Content and Commerce: Exploring a New Type of Business Model

Esbjorn Ebbesson: Fragmented Digital Infrastructures - The Case of Social (News) Media

Cristina Costa, Paulo Cunha: The social dimension of business models: an Actor-Network Theory perspective

Yue Guo, Khuong Le-Nguyen, Qiong Jia, Guang Li: Seller-Buyer Trust in cross-border eCommerce: A conceptual model

Marvin Hegen, Markus Tschersich: Development of a Measuring Instrument to Understand the Impact of Mobile Product Information Systems on Consumers’ Food Choice

Nadja Hossbach: Dual Business Models: Going beyond Spatial Separation

Yu-Hsiang (John) Huang, Michael Shaw, Ramanath Subramanyam: How Can a Firm Select the Most Qualified IT Portfolio Under Various Risk Tolerance Levels?

Marcel Morisse: Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin: Charting the Research Landscape

Johannes Nguyen, Chitu Okoli: Business Models for Free and Open Source Software: Insights from a Delphi Study

Volker Nissen, Henry Seifert: Virtualization of Consulting – Benefits, Risks and a Suggested Decision Process

Chitu Okoli, Ning Wang: Business Models for Online Education and Open Educational Resources: Insights from a Delphi Study

AMCIS 2014 (Savannah, USA) (proceedings 2014)

Theresa Rickman, Stefan Wenzel, Kai Fischbach, Software Ecosystem Orchestration: The Perspective of Complementors

Christina Di Valentin, Dirk Werth, Peter Loos: Towards a Business Model Framework for E-learning Companies

AMCIS 2013 (Chicago, USA)   (proceedings 2013)

AMCIS 2012 (Seattle, USA)   (proceedings 2012)

AMCIS 2011 (Detroit, USA)   (proceedings 2011)

Anton Pussep, Markus Schief, Thomas Widjaja, Peter Buxmann, and Christian M. Wolf: The Software Value Chain as an Analytical Framework for the Software Industry and Its Exemplary Application for Vertical Integration Measurement

Felix Limbach, Jochen Wulf, Rüdiger Zarnekow, and Michael Düser: Revenue distribution in a quality-centric internet interconnection market

Markus Eurich, Andrea Giessmann, Tobias Mettler, and Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva: Revenue Streams of Cloud-based Platforms: Current State and Future Directions

Dennis M. Steininger, Jan C. Huntgeburth, and Daniel J. Veit: Conceptualizing Business Models for Competitive Advantage Research by Integrating the Resource and Market-Based Views

Gunwoong Lee and T. S. Raghu: Product Portfolio and Mobile Apps Success: Evidence from App Store Market

Jörg Becker, Dominic Breuker, and Hans Peter Rauer: On Guidelines for Representing Business Models - A Design Science Approach

Golrou Abdollahi and Uwe Leimstoll : A Classification for Business Model Types in E-commerce

Bo Han, Kittipong Boonme, and Victor Prybutok: What Is Behind the Tipping Point Mechanism?

AMCIS 2010 (Lima, Peru)   (proceedings 2010)

AMCIS 2009 (San Francisco, CA, USA)   (proceedings 2009)

K. Lyons; C. Playford; E. Stroulia; R. Niu; P. Messinger: Business Models in Emerging Online Services

D. Riehle: The Commercial Open Source Business Model

C. Costa; P. Cunha: Business Model Design from an ANT Perspective: contributions and insights of an open and living theory

L. Chen: IPhone or Kindle: Competition of Electronic Books Sales

V. Hoyer; K. Stanoevska-Slabeva: Generic Business Model Types for Enterprise Mashup Intermediaries (AMCIS 2009 best paper award)

R. King; C. Chowa; W. Chin: Website Identification: Revisiting the Online Consumer Purchasing Intent Research

A. Stott; A. Taneja: An Evaluation of Multiple Perceptions of Digital Rights Management

M. Wimble; J. Tripp; B. Phillips: On Search Cost and the Long Tail: The Moderating Role of Search Cost

R. Basole: Structural Analysis and Visualization of Ecosystems: A Study of Mobile Device Platforms


AMCIS 2008 (Toronto, Canada) (proceedings 2008)

C. Loebbecke; C. Huyskens: Virtual Community Ventures: Success Drivers in the Case of Online Video Sharing

P. Gomber; M. Lutat; A. Wranik: Flexible VWAP Executions in Electronic Trading

M. Kim; C. Yoo; C. Rhee: The Mediating Role of Trust in the Relationship between Online Shopping Experience and Consumer’s Shopping Values

B. Wang; B. Jiang: A Cross-Category Analysis of the Effects of Consumer Reviews and Ratings

M. Al-Debei; R. El-Haddadeh; D. Avison: Defining the Business Model in the New World of Digital Business

L. Chen: Analysis on Book Resale in Amazon Upgrade Framework: A Game-theory Approach

H. Singh: Selling and Renting Information Goods: Case of E-books


AMCIS 2007 (Keystone, CO, USA) (proceedings 2007)

Julie Smith David, Arti Mann: The Emergence of On-Demand Software Aggregators: Implications for Developers, Customers, and Software Companies

Robert Hooker, Carmen Lewis, Molly Wasko, James L. Worrell, Tom Yoon: Network Governance in the E-Lance Economy

Abdelnasser M. Abdelaal,Hesham H. Ali: A Typology for Community Wireless Network Business Models

Michael J. Sheridan, Joseph A. Cazier, Douglas B. May The Roles of Positive and Negative Utility in Predicting Online Wine Purchase Behavior

Yulin Fang, Israr Qureshi, Patrick McCole, Elaine Ramsey The Moderating Role of Perceived Effectiveness of Third-Party Control on Trust and Online Purchasing Intentions

Wei Sha: The Effectiveness of Customer Service Policies on Intentions in Business-To-Consumer E-Commerce: A Psychological Contract Perspective

Rui Chen: Consumer’s Initial Acceptance of E-Commerce Website: A Contingency Approach

Naveen Amblee, Tung Bui: Freeware downloads: An empirical investigation into the impact of expert and user reviews on demand for digital goods

Martina E. Greiner, Hui Wang: Building Consumer-to-Consumer Trust in e-Finance Marketplaces

Sanjeev Kumar: Bank of One: Empirical Analysis of Peer-to-Peer Financial Marketplaces

Alanah Davis, Deepak Khazanchi The Influence of Online Word of Mouth on Product Sales in Retail E-commerce: An Empirical Investigation


AMCIS 2006 (Acapulco, Mexico) (proceedings 2006)

Meng Ma: Performance-Based Marketing on the Internet

Yu Wu; Yuzhu Li; Carol Saunders: Trust in B2B Commerce: Taxonomy and Roles

Qing Chang; Craig Van Slyke; Seung-Hun Han: Break the Trust Threshold: Customer Ratings and Trust Building on eBay Auctions

Claudia Loebbecke; Stefan Radtke; Claudio Huyskens: Innovative Media Technologies: Digital Video Recorders Changing the Ad-TV Business Mo-del

Abdelnasser M. Abdelaal; Hesham H. Ali: Ubiquitous Connectivity: A Framework for Business Models for Wireless Community Net-works

Gal Oestreicher-Singer; Arun Sundararajan: The Impact of Network Structures on Electronic Business Models: A New Explanation for the Long Tail of Ecommerce Demand



AMCIS 2005 (Omaha, Nebraska, USA) (proceedings 2005)

Joseph A Cazier: A Framework and Model for Understanding the Creation and Sources of Trust

Ziqi Liao: Trust Building and Sustainable Internet Banking

Anupam Ghosh; Jane Fedorowicz: Governance Mechanisms for Coordination and Information Sharing in Supply Chains: The Role of Trust

Claudia Loebbecke,; Stefan Radtke: Business Models and Programming Choice: Digital Video Recorders Shaping the TV Industry

Chuan-Hoo Tan; Xue Yang; Yee-Pia Chan; Hock-Hai Teo: An Investigation of Book Market Aggregation in Amazon

Marion Freudenschuss; Florian Stahl: Not Eternal Love but Differentiation

Zafer D. Ozdemir; Kemal Altinkemer; Tolga Akcura: Competition among Experts via Face-to-Face and Online Channels

Charles Kile; Randall Reid: An Empirical Description of the Internet Sector of the U. S. Economy

Abdelnasser M. Abdelaal; Hesham H. Ali: An Efficient Accounting Architecture for QoS-Aware Internet Traffic


AMCIS 2004 (New York, NJ, USA) (proceedings 2004)

Hope Koch: Business-to-Business Electronic Marketplace Characteristics Driving Use

Hosein Gharavi, Peter E.D. Love, Chad Lin; Roger Sor: Information and communication technology diffusion, collective rationality and form selection in the Australian stockbroking industry

Sophea Chea Tung Bui: A Multi-process Actor Strategic Analysis Model for Flexible E-business Proposition based on Value Networks Configuration

Harry Bouwman; ; Edward Faber; Timber Haaker: Balancing strategic interests for network value of mobile services

Katia Passerini; Stephane Gagnon; Kemal Cakici: Opportunities in the digital economy: a new value chain and services for mobile telecom operators

Benedikt v. Walter; Thomas Hess: A property rights view on the impact of file sharing on music business

Param V Sidhu; Vishal Midha: Music Industry in the Era of Online Delivery: Application of Flat Rate Pricing and Differential Pricing for Songs

Jongbok Byun; Samir Chatterjee: A Strategic Pricing for Quality of Service (QoS) Network Business

Wendy W. Hui: Strategic Implications of Hybrid Channel Distribution in a Competitive Market

Ling Xue; Gautam Ray; Andrew Whinston: Benefiting the Online Multi-brand Retailer: The Impact of Supplier's Direct Channel on Wholesale Market Competition

Kallol K Bagchi; Mo Mahmood: A Longitudinal Study of Adoption Factors of On-line Shopping Using A Latent Growth Curve Model

Eric WK See-To; Jeevan Jaisingh; Kar-Yan Tam: Economics of Electronic Micro-Payment Systems

Bill A Anckar; Erkki Patokorpi: Omenahotellit: A Room with a View for the Internet Generation


AMCIS 2003 (Tampa, FL, USA) (proceedings 2003)

Claudia Loebbecke: eFactors for a sustainable adoption of new business models

Nigel J. Lockett; David H. Brown: An Interpretive Framework for the Investigation of

E-Business Engagement by SMEs: The Construction Industry

Anand Jeyaraj; Marius Janson: The Evolving E-Business Strategy: Lessons Learned

Daewon Sun: Dual Mechanism in Electronic Retailing

Daniel Rice: Barter’s Back! Internet Barter: The Recent Resurgence of an Ancient Practice

Uchenna C. Eze & A. Lee Gilbert: A Contextual Perspective on E-Commerce Across Industries in Singapore and Lagos: Implications of Local Imperatives

Euijin Kim; Mayur Kamat; Joobin Choobineh; Suresh Tadisina: Customers’ Initial Trust in E-Businesses: How to Measure Customers’ Initial Trust

Dipanjan Chatterjee; T. Ravichandran: Characteristics of Interorganizational Relationships and the Structure of Interorganizational Systems: An Exploratory Study

Mayur Kamat; Joobin Choobineh: A Multi-Dimensional Framework for Digital Content Commerce


AMCIS 2002 (Dallas, Texas, USA) (proceedings 2002)

Mantena, Ravi: Converging digital technologies: An opportunity or a threat?

Mark Heitmann; Peter Aschmoneit: Strategy for Internet applications

Schachner, Werner and Sattler, Wolfgang: Dynamic value-logic-mapping: A method for making changes due to digital economy visible in an business model

Luo, Wenhong and Chung, Q.: An empirical investigation of reputation and price dispersion in electronic commerce

Snir, Eli: Empirical investigation of auctions for off-lease computers

Jaisingh, Jeevan; Barron, Jack; Chaturvedi, Alok; and Mehta, Shailendra: Privacy on the Internet: An economic analysis


AMCIS 2001 (Boston, MA; USA) (proceedings 2001)

Ranganathan Chandrasekaran; Qingxiang Ma: Do Web Mergers Create Value? : An Examination of Mergers and Acquisitions of Internet Firms

Chia Yao Lee; Brian Corbitt: A Stakeholder-Benefit Perspective of Reverse Auction

Nigel J. Lockett; David H. Brown: A Framework for the Engagement of SMEs in E-Business.

Yuliang Yao; Philip T. Evers; Martin E. Dresner: Value of Information Sharing in Vendor-Managed Inventory

Yan Li; Wei Yen Lie; Gek Woo Tan: Impact of Lead-time Distribution on the Bullwhip Effect and Supply Chain Performance

Christian Bach; Jing Zhang; Salvatore Belardo: Collaborative Networks

Peter Aschmoneit; Markus Lenz: The Role of Trust in Business-to Business Electronic Commerce

Florian Leser; Florian Klueber: Concept and Procedure for Evaluating eMarkets

Richard V. McCarthy; Jay E. Aronson; Robert Petrausch: Enhancing the Consumer Design Web Site Model through Integrated Public Relations Strategy

Liang Yu; Alok Chaturvedi: Competition between B2B electronic marketplaces: differentiation, pricing strategies and industrial structure

Anil Gulati: Bidder behavior in dynamic pricing models: An empirical study of consumer goods auctions

Dahui Li; Zhangxi Lin; Dale O. Stahl; Andrew B. Whinston: Bridging Agent-based Simulations and Direct Experiments – An Experimental System for Internet Traffic Pricing

Joachim Haes: Napster and the Economics of Music Distribution

Frances Bell; Debra Howcroft; Ben Light From Vendor to Portal: A Case Study of Internet Enabled Re-Configuration

Zhiping Walter; Juliana Stolarova-Ornek: Strategies for Local Newspaper in the Digital Economy

Easwar Nyshadham; Sunder Raghavan; Colin McCormack: An Application of Core Theory to Electronic Markets

Ziqi Liao; Michael Tow Cheung: Cyber-banking in Hong Kong: Development and Challenges

O.Reill, Philip; Finnegan, Patrick; and McCormack, Colin: Dealing with Consolidation and Virtual Banks: An Exploration of Internet Banking in the "Bricks and Mortar" Sector


AMCIS 2000 (Long Beach, CA, USA) (proceedings 2000)

Sabine Einwiller; Ulrike Geissler; Markus Will: Engendering Trust in Internet Businesses using Elements of Corporate Branding

Roman Brandtweiner: Pricing for Digitized Information Goods: The Case of Austrian Online Newspapers

Hans-Dieter Zimmermann: Understanding the Digital Economy: Challenges for new Business Models

Nigel J. Lockett; David H. Brown: eClusters and the Role of Intermediaries in enabling Digital Enterprise Communities of SMEs.

Ralf Reichwald; Frank T. Piller; Kathrin Möslein; Christoph Lohse: Broker Models For Mass Customization Based Electronic Commerce

Christian Heine; Stefan Kirn: Creating Competitive Advantage Through Telemedicine-based Value Webs

James A. Senn: The Impact of the Internet Tax Freedom Act on State Revenues


Nikhilesh Dholakia; Ruby Roy Dholaki; Kuan-Pin Chiang: Behavioral Assumptions Underlying Business Models Of Retail E-Commerce Ventures

Jing Zhao: An Object-Oriented Model for Successful Online Retail Operations in China

Taeha Kim; Matt E. Thatcher: Determining Optimal Decisions for Investing in Connection Quality and Pricing Internet Services: An Economic Model of Duopoly Competition Between Internet Service Providers

Els A.M. van de Kar: Development of business models for WAP services

Roland Klueber: Business Model Design and Implementation for eServices

Sivakumar Viswanathan: A Model of Competition Between Online and Traditional Firms

Huseyin Tanriverdi: Rethinking the Basis of Diversification in the Digital Economy